The Teams @ CtrlShift

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company

Our Departments

At CtrlShift, our 4 core values are our way of life. We know that companies with a strong culture and a higher purpose perform better in the long run. As we continue to grow, we strive to ensure that our culture remains alive and well. Check out our core values and see if they speak to you:

Publisher Solutions

This crack team works closely with our publisher partners to evaluate and adopt ad technology that empowers them. So they can continue to delight their audiences with targeted content and advertising - as well as grow their revenue.

Marketer Solutions

This team gets clients to think how they can adopt best practices in digital campaign executions to truly enable their brands to connect and delight the customers. Challenging them to elevate the advertising bar and stop the “bombarding online ads” tactic.

Client Services

Innovation should not come at expense of service. This is why we have a team of client advisors, dedicated to deploying advanced technology with a human touch. They are there at every step of a campaign, ensuring it is well-taken care of and more importantly, delivering to the client’s key objectives.


These math wizards are dedicated to achieving maximum impact while navigating the ins and outs of advanced advertising technology. Their skills, deliberations and processes all trained towards a single purpose: To ensure success for client campaigns.

Advisory Services

Mastering digital marketing can be daunting and you need to make the right strategic choices from the start. Our Advisory Services team are big-picture thinkers, plugged into what's next for digital and ready to provide expert counsel and practical advice.

Product & Technology

The product & tech team may be a little on the quiet side but they are the backbone that ideates, innovates and builds new products and solutions. The mission? To achieve simplicity for the clients in a complex technology world.

Strategy & Development

A team of brilliant minds that systematically map out the ecosystem to identify and drive transformational opportunities for the company. These power networkers are all about building long-term relationships and driving deals with strategic partners and investors to grow the company.

People & Organization

The internal superheroes at CtrlShift, these dedicated practitioners work hard to build, grow and support our amazing family. Culture is built, one person at a time.

Marketing & PR

This is the team that makes it their daily goal to market and promote the awesomeness that is CtrlShift. From PR, Events, Advertising to Social Media … Every channel is just another opportunity to shout and let it all out!


One of the quietest teams at CtrlShift but also one of the most integral. These important detail-oriented, number crunchers record our finances, prepare analysis for management decision-making and ensure the money train stays on track!