Our Work

We believe in helping brands achieve real business outcomes by engaging with their audiences intelligently, simply and transparently. Results matter so here’s a snapshot of the work we’ve done for our clients that we’re really proud of.
A global financial solutions and technology client regularly creates branding campaigns within 2 weeks from ideation to execution based on their audience listening tools. This requires an agile and fast response from every working partner - creative, media agency and vendors.
Facing stiff competition, an e-commerce client embarked on a digital marketing journey to help create brand awareness amongst a large group of consumers by using an omnichannel approach.
Prior to CtrlShift engaging with the marketing team, the client was facing a challenge in consolidating their student lead acquisition campaigns. As one of the largest private education universities in Malaysia, globally recognized professional qualifications, undergraduate degree’s and matriculation courses are offered across 4 colleges and university campuses.
An award-winning integrated developer based in Malaysia recently launched a new condominium in the market, but they did not have a showroom which is instrumental in making the final purchase decision for property buyers.