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Let fragmentation work for you

03 Apr 2018

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Having the right technology that connects with a highly fragmented landscape can work to a marketer’s advantage, allowing them to more precisely engage with customers and prospects. When marketers have multiple providers co

Why don’t we buy digital media the same way we buy a flight?

29 Mar 2018

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A fragmented media marketplace should be an opportunity, not a headache for advertisers. It’s time to leverage the tools that unlock a smart aggregated view and buy media the same way we buy flights, argues Reza Behnam. Thi

Thailand’s rude awakening into a broken digital advertising industry

21 Mar 2018

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There are times when I despair at how much further we need to go as an industry. Recently a media agency in Thailand asked our managed services trading team to run a US$300,000 campaign. However, that amount had to include th

Worried about bots, trickery and fake ads? Then you’re doing it wrong

04 Oct 2017

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Programmatic advertising, and by association, the ad tech industry, has been assailed of late by controversy and confusion on the back of ads showing up on websites with negative, polarizing content such as terrorist sites. S


13 Jul 2017

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As an industry – be it as agencies, marketing service providers, media agencies, or even as brands – we think we know it all. We believe with misguided passion that we understand how consumers think or what they want

Marketing in Asia-Pacific: Changing the Old-School Ad Model on the Fly

19 Jun 2015

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From Silicon Valley to Southeast Asia, Reza Behnam’s work has focused on the future of marketing. He served as the managing director of Yahoo Southeast Asia and was a founding member of the trade association IAB Singapore.