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We pride ourselves with our extensive knowledge of the programmatic ecosystem. As marketing and advertising technologies evolve, CtrlShift removes the ambiguity of technology jargon and provides strategic advice on the best partners for your business goals. Our suite of products are hyper-focused on only three things. Relevance. Response. Results.


Maximise impact and scale your reach to introduce new audiences to your brand.


Drive efficiency with your media dollar to achieve your marketing objectives, whether it’s traffic, installs or acquisitions. Looking for guaranteed results? We also offer Pay Per Outcome plans.


Already know where your audiences are? CtrlShift runs high-impact campaigns on Facebook, mobile or video.

Programmatic lets you scale with precision for multi-channel buying

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  • Video

    InStream • InDisplay • Mobile • Social

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    Web & In-App

  • Display

    PC & Mobile

  • Native

    Article • Blogs • Video Content

  • Social

    Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn

In such a fragmented ecosystem, dominated by a select few media owners, crafting and identifying audience personas can be daunting; especially when no two platforms define one persona the same way. Leveraging CtrlShift’s unified view provides you audience intelligence that builds and activates your audience data, and evolves as your customers evolve. Programmatic lets you scale with precision for multi-channel buying.

Our trade desk employs The Hub, our proprietary media management and buying platform. This allows us to maximise your media budget and boost performance by enabling simultaneous connections into audiences, buying partners and data sources. The Hub’s in-built, data-science powered, virtual trading assistants provide insightful next-step recommendations based on huge volumes of past campaign data.

CtrlShift is an established and trusted partner for premium publishers in the APAC region. We give brands access to execute innovative campaigns directly on premium publishers, Spotify and LinkedIn. Our close relationship to local premium publishers have also enabled the first ASEAN Private Marketplace – AMP.

Explore Asia’s first marketplace for premium inventory


Our Partners:

We help companies connect to digital audiences anywhere in the world. With direct access to the world’s leading DSPs and exchanges, our independent trade desk will work with you to identify the audiences across the globe that fit your needs and drive business objectives.

At CtrlShift we have a full stack marketing skill set. We understand marketing in this connected world. We understand data and automated buying technologies. Our knowledge, expertise and experience runs deep about the consumers and culture in the Asia Pacific region. Our people come from a diverse spectrum of domains like brands, agencies, ad tech, data and analytics, from countries all over the world.

This multi-talented team comprising data scientists, trading specialists, strategic planners and business consultants is driven by passion and tenacity to help our clients succeed.