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Join Us

We want to help you be the best YOU at CtrlShift

In our industry and actually in life itself, our mantra is never stop learning, hence we strive to develop your skills, relationships, confidence & future by:
  • Starting you off with a 1.5 weeks intensive online & on-site orientation program covering all there is to know about the world of digital advertising, to ensure you know what we do and how you fit into our bigger picture

  • Providing continuous training & development to help you build your career path & develop your professional skills with our internal & external training programs, e-learning platform & mentorship programs with our leadership team

  • Giving you 24/7, 365 days access to our e-learning platform which houses more than 5,000 different courses, all in 1-2 minute bite size videos which you can access from anywhere

  • Offering reimbursements for relevant courses that help you do what you do better

  • Encouraging peer to peer learning opportunities via collaborative teamwork to help you expand or customize your career trajectory


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