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CtrlShift for brands

For Brands

Buying media space is a bit like holding a conversation.

You’ve got to listen as much as you speak. So we’ve trained our computers to do just that.

We don’t use loudspeakers to direct hoards of people into an action. We make eye contact and hold intimate and meaningful dialogues. So we know when we’ve lost someone’s attention and how to shift it back to us.

What that means is you don’t waste money on ads that speak at people, but focus on the ones that speak to them. The kind that gets you real results.

Our proprietary platform: The Hub
The Hub is a Trading desk software built by CtrlShift that works as your hub for automated media buying connected to the best of breed platforms (DSP’s, Ad servers, DMP’s, direct exchange) addressing audiences across the world. 

This global platform offers knowledge management, decision and data science tools for optimization, tools that train the traders , a 360 degree view of reporting metrics including measurement and the ability to operate custom business models. 

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