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CtrlShift for brands

For Brands

Think of our expertise as the staple gun connecting every page of the marketing sector.

Over the years we’ve worked with clients from FMCGs to financial institutions. Household names and luxury ones. Challenger brands and leaders alike.

The backgrounds of our team members are as diverse as the brands we’ve helped build.

Just like your consumers, you’re faced with the problem of too many choices.

By combining different people with different skillsets, we’re able to look at things from multiple angles, to offer a wider perspective. And once we’ve identified all the issues, we’re better able to drill down and start executing with precision.

We offer a world class independent trading desk with highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced programmatic media traders working with industry leading partners in advertising technology including Demand Side Platforms, Ad Servers and Data Management Platforms. 

Your journey starts with CtrlShift business development and client success team members who ensure your marketing needs are discussed and distilled. The needs are then mapped to a data driven approach in automated and online buying that is then taken to execution by CtrlShift traders passing it back to the client success team who deliver a customized 360 view of insights gleaned about the audience, reporting metrics and land it into powerful insights that can be applied to sharpen the next campaign.

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