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CtrlShift for agencies

For Agencies

Solutions first. Technology second.

Solutions first. Enabled by technology.

While you focus on what you do best, we’ll look at how we can support you. 

On a campaign basis, we can help you choose channels and platforms that connect with your audience in a meaningful way that inspires action. And results.

On an on-going basis, we can amp up your team’s knowledge with workshops and strategy sessions that get them, and your clients, excited about the new media solutions and tools out there.

Your secret weapon. Asia's only adaptive media investment platform, The Hub.

We’d like to let you in game-changing new tool. A true high-volume, intelligent media execution and analysis platform, The Hub empowers trading desks with decision science, a converged dashboard and knowledge management. It is your access point to global audiences, already integrated with the world’s most popular buying platforms.

Developed by CtrlShift, The Hub is now available to agencies and marketers who want to regain control, improve visibility and effectively optimize campaigns without inefficiency.

Offer your clients the world

Don't be limited by DSPs or data sources. The Hub is connected to leading buying platforms and data providers from all major geographies. Its Audience Plug-in feature allows you to bring your own audience sets too. So the world really is your oyster.



Take the guesswork out of trading

The Hub’s intelligent recommendation engine ensures your traders execute the most informed, timely and profitable decisions for all your campaigns. Two AI-powered decision support modules provide recommendations and analyses for campaign set up and inflight optimization.

  • Smart Guide lets your traders know which segments, exchanges, channels and devices work best for your campaigns.
  • Smart Prompt calculates the likely performance metrics you will receive based on your campaign set up and data from previous campaigns.

Eliminate inefficiency. Focus on value.

One of the most time-consuming tasks of a trading desk is creating consolidated reports. The Hub’s Live Insight module provides an aggregated, harmonized and de-duplicated view across buying platforms, channels, formats and geographies in near-real time. Reports are refreshed multiple times a day, retrievable in minutes.  A single unified workflow allows traders to spend less time on tedious administration and facilitates collaboration.

Ramp up fast. Own your trading insights.

The Hub was designed by users for users. Its built-in decision support modules can get your newest rookie up to speed and delivering great results within weeks. Knowledge Bank records and files the rationale for every trading decision so you will retain and own that knowledge even after a trader leaves.  The best part? It never stops learning and adapting so your desk will only get better and better.

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