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About Us

We’re the difference between a pharmacist and a doctor.

Pharmacists fill prescriptions. They won’t ask you about your lifestyle, habits or other factors that affect the health of your business.

We take a specialist approach to what we do. We’ll try to understand what disturbs you. If a problem is symptomatic of a greater market shift, or a result of a short term issue.

And just like doctors, we have a few trinkets and toys up our sleeves. We don’t rely on them for the answers. Just to validate our thinking so you can be sure you’re getting the best remedy. 

Our proprietary platform: The Hub
The Hub is a Trading desk software built by CtrlShift that works as your hub for automated media buying connected to the best of breed platforms (DSP’s, Ad servers, DMP’s, direct exchange) addressing audiences across the world. 

This global platform offers knowledge management, decision and data science tools for optimization, tools that train the traders , a 360 degree view of reporting metrics including measurement and the ability to operate custom business models. 

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